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Todd Hotaling - How Landscaping Can Change

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Todd Hotaling is nothing short of an expert when it comes to landscaping and stonework. He is committed to his career in the industry and even attended the University of Vermont in order to obtain a degree in plant and soil science, with an emphasis in landscape design. He has been the owner and operator of Champlain Shores Landscaping and Stonework, where he has worked for the last ten years. Located in the heart of Vermont, the company is dedicated to providing their customers with not only the best in customer service, but also unique designs that will transform their homes into what they have always imagined.

Todd Hotaling

Landscaping is arguably one of the most important design aspects when it comes to homeownership. Whether you’re selling, looking to buy, or simple creating a unique design you can admire everyday, landscaping can make all the difference. When looking to buy a new home, landscaping is the first thing a person notices when driving up to the property. Landscaping that clearly takes time to maintain and keep looking beautiful shows potential buyers of a property that the owners care about their homes. It is easy to assume that they took just as much time inside the house as outside of it. Landscaping can also be used in order to highlight the natural beauty of the surrounding area as well. If you’re home has a gorgeous mountain or water view, the design of your own personal landscape can highlight the view itself.

Todd Hotaling is committed to making his clients fall in love with their homes all over again. He can create unique designs right for any property and enjoys incorporating the natural beauty of Vermont into his landscaping and stonework projects. Visit,

Todd Hotaling - The Importance of Travel


Todd Hotaling is a dedicated professional who is currently employed within the landscaping industry in the state of Vermont. He is dedicated to his work and is the successful owner and operator of Champlain Shores Landscaping and Stonework. He has held the position for the last ten years and has committed himself to providing his clients with unique designs that incorporate the natural beauty of Vermont into their very own backyards. Although he loves the natural surroundings of the Vermont area, he often travels in order to gain new perspective and new inspirations to use in his designs back home.